Sunset Volleyball Academy



Option 1
Option 2

Enrolling your child independently in the program or with friends.  They will be participating with no more than 8 other players.  We will provide 2 playing coaches and 1 master coach.  The playing coaches help implement the rhythm necessary to expedite the triangle process.

$15 per 50-minute session

A parent enrolls with their child. Adults will get the rhythm of the game faster than children. Together, you will be able to work on the technical aspects of the game at home too. 

$20 per 50-minute session

For more information, contact Sean Thomas at (858) 382-3814.

Sunset Volleyball Academy will get kids to triangle (bump, set, and spike) as quickly as possible. There are two phases to our curriculum: Phase 1 addresses basic technical aspects and applies those skills using fun games. Phase 2 prepares players to consistently triangle. Here, the goal is not to win but to see how many times in a row players can triangle. It is advised to stay in the academy until the player can triangle 10 times back and forth over the net. Once the goal is met, we encourage players to join a Sunset Volleyball Club team.

Sunset Academy recognizes the complexities of playing this wonderful game of volleyball at early ages. Our program has built a curriculum dedicated to keeping the game ‘small’ on many levels: playing games starting with one contact and building to 3; minimizing the amount of players on the court to 1 or 2 players; and adjusting the height of the net and the dimensions of the court downward. ‘Small’ allows simplicity in the rules, ‘small’ provides clear understanding of whose ball it is for limited confusion, and ‘small’ allows athletes to play the game physically beyond their years.